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Post-Concussion Syndrome occurs when concussion related symptoms last longer than 3-4 weeks. Symptoms may include any of the following:

Post-Concussion Syndrome occurs when concussion related symptoms last longer than 3-4 weeks. Symptoms may include any of the following:

  • Balance Issues/Dizziness

  • Memory Issues

  • Nervous/Anxious

  • Light Sensitivity

  • Noise Sensitivity

  • Motion Sensitivity

  • Visual Disturbances

  • Drowsiness/Low Energy

  • Headaches

  • Concentration Issues

  • Confusion

  • Reading Difficulties

The goal of a post-concussive treatment program is to decrease the intensity of and ultimately remove the persistent concussion symptoms. The aim is to return patients to regular activities of daily living and/or sport activities. Treatment must first assess the specific causes of the individual symptoms. Once determined, an individual rehabilitation program can be created for the different musculoskeletal, eye tracking, concentration and aerobic dependent reasons for the symptoms.

Our concussion treatment and return to learn/work/play programs have been developed though Complete Concussion Management are covered by secondary health benefits! Complete Concussion Management is a Canada-wide network comprised of over 200 certified practitioners, utilizing the most cutting-­edge concussion treatment and rehabilitation techniques to support athletes and concussed patients across the country.



Return-to-learn deals with strategies to reintegrate students back into regular mental activity and learning following a concussion. Concussions can have a significant short-term impact on a memory and concentration abilities, often times grades begin to suffer if this process is not dealt with appropriately. Our trained clinicians offer a stepwise reintegration back into the school environment through modifications and communication with teaching and school administrative staff. Our program offers rehabilitation programs for students that are having difficulty with certain aspects of brain function.



Similar to return-to-learn, the return-to-work program offers a stepwise reintegration back into the working environment for concussed patients.



Following a concussion, return-to-play is a stepwise process, which gradually introduces the athlete back into their specific sporting environment. This process gradually reintroduces varying degrees of physical and sport specific activity, assessing recovery of abnormal brain blood flow and/or vestibular function. This stepwise approach is capped off with a final physical test, designed by the Chicago Blackhawks medical staff. In addition to re-testing all pre-injury cognitive and physical measures, this test assesses an individual’s level of recovery and ability to return to full game play.


The most important step in this process is the final testing, which is compared to the results of your baseline test that is done prior to starting each season. Without knowing what your memory, concentration, balance, visual tracking speed, processing abilities, reaction time, etc. was when you were healthy, it is very difficult to truly know when you have recovered following a brain injury. Please get a baseline test done every year BEFORE you start your season!

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