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Studies show that following a concussion, the brain injury will fully heal within 7-10 days in 85-90% of cases. However, in 10-15% of cases concussion will cause longer lasting symptoms. 'Post-Concussion Syndrome' is diagnosed when concussion related symptoms last more than 3-4 weeks. The etiology of the Post-Concussion syndrome phenomena is not well understood but inappropriate management of the initial concussion is a risk-factor for development.

Risks for Post-Concussion Syndrome include:

  • History of previous concussion

  • Multiple concussion within a short time period

  • Pre-existing depression and anxiety

  • Presence of life and family stressors

  • Improper management of initial concussion and not allowing full brain injury recovery

  • Younger children and adolescents have been shown to require a longer time to recover

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